miércoles, 4 de mayo de 2016

"No" means "NO".

If the girl says no, it means NO.
If the girl does not say yes, it means NO.
If you insist and insist and insist, any answer (even a yes) means NO.
If you use any way to force the yes out of her, it means NO.
If you play victim, if you use emotional blackmail, if you manipulate, it's a NO.
If you mock her, if you threaten her, it's a NO.
If you disqualify any person that may support the girl in her refusal to comply or you make her feel insecure in any other way, it's a NO.
If you in any manner try to prevent her from discussing the matter with anyone, it is a NO.
If you bring her to any place where she will feel she cannot ask for help, it is a NO.
If you use your friends, or her friends, or anyone to convince her instead of you, it is manipulation and it is a NO.
If you use any (or similar) of the following sentences: 
- I'll leave you
- This is the normal thing
- Everybody does it / You're weird
- I thought you liked me / loved me
- C'mon, don't be so prudish
- You know you want it
- They don't know what they are talking about
........ any answer she gives you means NO.
And if you get a NO, implicit or explicit, and you go on, you are a rapist and your balls should be chopped off.
Agree? Disagree? If you like the topic, don't share here, bring it to some chats in real life for discussion. You may find some hidden rapists around you defending their position.
Girls, be warned: the above mentioned are just examples of the endless strategies that some hidden harassers and rapists will use to make you feel sorry for him and guilty at the same time. That ensures your silence. Remember also that, if you need to wait, it is your right; and if he does not want to wait and says he may leave you, then he was not worth it. If someone cannot wait for your body, that means that your soul does not satisfy him, so what is he is interested in then? Not you as a person. Get rid of him and make a space for a better one to come. 
Boys, no matter how complicated you may think, feel, or believe girls are, when it comes to sexual approach they are quite simple. Only a non-imposed "yes" means "yes".